Day 22: earthy poem

Boundaries are drawn and redrawn.
Trenches are dug, and wires are laid out.
Billions and trillions of bricks are covering the surface.
Trees and forests are being ruthlessly cut off.

Seven continents and five oceans are arbitrarily changed and exchanged.
The number game about the territorial units is never-ending.
The race to exploit every bit of viable resource out of Mother Earth is being fought by her children.
Her sons and daughters are bent upon destroying her at every cost.

No one can agree on the magnitude of destruction.
No one wants to accept the responsibility and hold others responsible for…

Day 7: Emotive Poem

If someone dies,
people rally around to console them.
If someone falls sick,
people rush to take care of them.

If someone falls,
people run to help them out.
Messages are conveyed for condolences.
Cards are sent with get-well-soon messages.

There is silence when divorce is discussed.
There is discomfort when the topic is brought up.
There is disbelief if the divorce is finalized.
There is vagueness about the technicalities of divorce.

Truth be told, no protocols are available for this special event.
To describe it as the most painful thing will be an understatement.
There are some unsaid things hanging in…

A poem

Let me come into this world-please let me get born.
I’m your flesh and blood.
I’m your heart and soul.
I’m as good as your son.

Let me come into this world- please give me a chance.
I promise I will never disappoint you.
I promise I will fulfil all your expectations.
I promise I will never give you a reason to complain.

Let me come into this world- take a leap of faith.
I’ll always keep you happy.
I’ll always fill your house with laughter.
I’ll always take care of you.

© Fatima Imam

*This piece is dedicated to…

Knowledge amplifies fortitude.
Knowledge solidifies faith.
Knowledge magnifies fallacy.
Knowledge authenticates facts.

Knowledge grounds us.
Knowledge motivates us.
Knowledge fascinates us.
Knowledge connects us.

Aim of existence is the pursuit of knowledge.
Ailment of existence is a lack of knowledge.
Alteration of existence is an amendment of knowledge.
Advancement of existence is the perfection of knowledge.

Be overwhelmed by knowledge.
Be overjoyed by knowledge.
Be over-indulgent about knowledge.
Be overprotective of knowledge.

Knowledge bestows piety.
Knowledge brings humility.
Knowledge breeds fecundity.
Knowledge becomes philosophy.

Discourse beckons knowledge.
Diversity balances knowledge.
Dominance bends knowledge.
Deviance blurs knowledge.

Dichotomy blocks knowledge.
Desolation binds…

The metamorphosis from a Historian to a Poet

After spending 50+ years on the planet, I am just living for myself and enjoying every moment. I’ll like to call myself a student of life. Being born in an intellectually wealthy family in India’s most culturally diverse cities, Lucknow, gave me a clear perspective that knowledge leads to success. I stuck to my path for the next thirty years: finishing degrees, making friends and getting married. Well! I gradually discovered that the universe would teach me invaluable lessons about trust, financial security, confidence, and self-respect. …

A pet’s story from a granddaughter’s perspective

Nana Louise was adamant that cats are outdoor creatures and keeping them indoors would disturb their instincts and aura. Her childhood was spent in a farmhouse with a wide range of indoor and outdoor pets. My maternal family spent long hours birdwatching in the day and stargazing in the night; other than that, reading books took care of entertainment for them. When she got married to Grandpa Luke, they moved to Lucksburg. Grandpa Luke had a townhouse with a small backyard that opened into a ravine. Nana used to feel claustrophobic in the house and often talked about her hardships…

Dazed and numbed by feelings

appear like,
deep ocean.

Setting heart
in motion,
and extreme

a strange and
weird notion.

© Fatima Imam (All Rights Reserved)

*CETHRAMTU RANNAIGECHTA MOIRE: Irish poetry form: — Quatrain (four-line stanza) form: all lines have three syllables and lines two and four end rhymes.

Sincere thanks to Dr. Amy Pierovich for tagging me in her poem:

Please check William J Spirdione’s fabulous poem, as well.

Both poems are part of the ongoing poetic prompt created by Somsubhra Banerjee:

These days my poetic energies are being stubborn as far as poetic forms are concerned. I would…

Gifted and gracious human being

Affable philosopher who dares to ask difficult questions.
Liberal-minded person of exceptional intellect.
Brilliant connoisseur of words apt for a multilingual world.
Eminent writer and erstwhile supporter of other writers.
Respondent, if not a revolutionary critic of humanity’s extremities and crises.
Thought-provoking idealist with the mesmerising argumentative mettle.
Optimist and a firm believer that truth should be spoken with authenticity.

© Fatima Imam (All Rights Reserved)

Sincere thanks to the Illumination team for hosting my poems. 💕🙏❤️

I recently read Alberto García 🚀🚀🚀 article on Climate change and this is acrostic poem is a tribute to his brilliance. Someone who…

A short fiction

Most stories are told and retold to pass the time, inspire, and enrich our creative imaginations. Master storytellers have a magnificent quality of engaging and instilling excitement in their audiences and marvelously adding suspense as well as drama to simple narratives. Millions, if not billions, of stories, had been narrated by various generations, giving rise to the legendary legends, immortal heroes, palatable philosophies while keeping the human beings entertained. The magnetism of storytellers attracts people of all ages, and sometimes familiar stories are not based on facts but somewhat fictionalized for sensationalism.

Many generations ago, a little girl named Macey…

Dr. Fatima Imam

Poet, writer, teacher and cat lover.

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