Mental Health Insurance

A poem

Dr. Fatima Imam
1 min readJan 25, 2021


Image by Natasha Spenser from Pixabay

We install the most expensive protections for our physical assets.
We invest diligently to multiply our wealth by buying bonds and equities.
We spend thousands to insure our home against disasters.
We save consistently for our future.

We forget to secure our mental health against emotional catastrophe.
We forget to value our inner selves after securing our materialistic world.
We forget to pamper our decaying levels of self-esteem.
We forget to recharge our exhausted minds.

Self-care urgency requires a rewiring of priorities.
Mental health of all is a prerequisite for a healthy society.
Preventive measures save us from spiralling out of control on one shock.
We should cry for help surreptitiously and openly to protect our vulnerable mental state.

© Fatima Imam



Dr. Fatima Imam

Poet, writer, artist, historian, educator, advocate of underrepresented voices, and cat lover.